About Us

The service provided to you by Cash in the Garage is a COMPLETELY FREE service, We have over 12 years experience of buying cars into the trade.  You may be thinking of advertising your car to the public or you may have already done so with no response, Cash in the Garage give you the very best price without the hassles of selling it to a private buyer.

Some of the reasons why people use us can be found on our homepage under the “Testimonials” on our homepage – but generally its because selling a car privately today is not easy. People will want to test drive the car and will not be insured, also people will want to pay by cheque or need finance, plus do you really want unknown people coming to your house and leaving cash with you?

Like most people using our service you may have already visited a dealer but are possibly unhappy about the part exchange price or the way the dealer has dealt with your enquiry. Most people are now treating changing their car as two separate transactions, so please be our guest and see if you can BEAT THE DEALER. There are also some other companies that offer on-line car prices too,we would urge you to please try them as well as we are very confident that our prices and OFFERS will be very hard to beat.

We have developed the business based on personal experience that selling a car of any real quality and value privately ‘off my front drive’ is a very difficult and often unpleasant business.

Buyers naturally want to buy from a main dealer, not a private individual.

If someone is prepared to buy privately, it is only for one reason, to get a bargain much cheaper than they could buy from a garage.

Very frequently, sellers have no GENUINE enquiries at all, even if they do get calls, ‘tyre kickers’ and ‘no shows’ abound.

If a buyer does get to the point of agreeing to buy, more than half drop out (lack of finance or find something better); scams and payment problems are all too common.

Research has shown that something around 2/3rds who try to sell cars privately, either end up selling to the trade one way or the other, or just give up and keep the car.

The way that we work is that we do not buy cars at all, we use our trade knowledge and contacts to find the very best offer on your car. Our overheads are minimal and we do not have to fund a big forecourt full of cars or indulge in massively expensive advertising. Unlike the many web based buyers who have sprung up since we started our service, we work to get the very best price for your car, not to buy as cheaply as possible. Buyers know that they have to give best prices through us: we will accept nothing less

It may surprise you how often we offer far better prices than sellers were considering when they have had a private offer.

If we do agree to buy your car, the transaction will be handled totally painlessly and securely and the car will be bought by either a well-known Main Franchised Dealership or one of the most reputable independent specialists, normally all done and dusted within 48 hours, we will come to your home or workplace by appointment, without your having to travel to some back street unit or meet in a deserted car park..

We also make it a matter of pride to pay you exactly what you have been quoted as long as the car is materially as described, concluding the transaction is never an opportunity to try to make more profit.

Cash in the Garage. More cash for your car.

Cash in the Garage Limited, a Company registered in England and Wales, the company registration number is 8880985. The registered office address is at 28 Tyringham Road  Wigston Leicester LE18 3QA